Pre- listing consult/ occupied properties


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  • on-site consultation
  • completely customized report
  • furniture placement suggestions
  • moving time line job sheet
  • showing tip-sheet

This on-site consultation is the first step to preparing your property for sale. It’s true, the way we live in our homes perfectly suits the way our families use the spaces but, how we live in our homes may not be the best way to present our home to potential buyers.

During this consultation, I'll tour your home and make note of anything that needs attention. It may be that I'll recommend changing the home-office back into the formal dining room or, I might suggest replacing the dated bathroom fixture to something more on-trend.

Once I complete the tour, I'll sit down with you and discuss my recommendations and why I've made them. Together, we'll make a plan based upon your preferred listing date, your availability and skill set as well as your ideal budget. It may be that you are a talented DIY’er and have the time do most of the work yourself, maybe you're a talented DIY’er but just don’t have the time or the right skill-set to do the work yourself or, maybe you've never painted a wall before and don't want to learn. What recommendations get approved and who does the work is always up to you but obviously, the more work you can get accomplished, the easier it will be to sell your property. After all, people buy homes not to-do lists.

I like to think that a pre-sale consultation is like getting a map before going hitting the road to someplace new. Knowing where you’re going and how to get there, will save you money and a lot of frustration.

The cost for this service is just $225+ taxes, for up to 1,800 square feet.